Becoming a Tutor

  • Tutoring is one of the many rewarding ways you can serve your campus community. When you work with other students on their writing, you not only demystify the composing process for them but also reduce their anxieties about writing and instill them with greater confidence in their abilities to write clearly and effectively. In short, you help your classmates become better writers, not just writers of better papers. The benefits of tutoring are not all one-sided. Tutoring also sharpens your interpersonal communication and writing skills and encourages you to think more critically about your own composing process as you guide other students through theirs. Most tutors are already strong writers when they join the Writing Center staff, but over time they become more purposeful and knowledgeable writers and more adept at explaining their understanding of the writing process to others. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Writing Center tutor, please e-mail Dr. Brennan Thomas, the Writing Center Director, at or call (814) 471-1111.

    Peer Tutor Job Postings: Fall 2016

    We will be reviewing applications for open tutoring positions next fall. Please contact Dr. Brennan Thomas at or call (814) 471-1111 for more information on the application process.