Blackboard is a web-based course management system that enriches a face-to-face course or supports a fully online or hybrid course.  Blackboard helps instructors organize course materials, post announcements, list assignments, administer tests and quizzes, and incorporate multimedia.  Blackboard provides many tools to increase collaboration, communication, and enrich the learning experience such as discussion forums, journals, and virtual classrooms).  Blackboard is available for all courses at Saint Francis University and is supported through the CETL.  Blackboard Logo


  • Helpsheets

    Blackboard's Resources

    Blackboard has many resources and videos on their help website.  When you visit select Blackboard Learn version 9.1 2014, instructor or student.  You might even want to include some of the student resources in your Blackboard course as weblinks.  

    CETL's Resources

    The CETL has made many customized printable helpsheets, because some directions are specific to Saint Francis such as requesting courses and adding and removing users from the course.  If we find that the Blackboard Help is spot on then we have listed their website link.
    Getting Started in Blackboard
    • Blackboard Basics (PDF) This helpsheet includes an overview of requesting courses, creating the menu, building content, editing content, and creating assignments.
    • Creating the Course Menu (Website)
    • Building Content Folders (Website)
    • Create an Item (Website)
    • Add Image within Text (PDF)
    • Create a WebLink (Website)
    Using Assessments and Tools  
    New Tools for Blackboard 9.1 2014
    • Overview (PDF Slides)
    • Calendar (PDF)
    • Retention Center (PDF)
    • Video Everywhere (PDF)
    • Test Exceptions and Analysis (PDF)

    Managing a Course in Blackboard
    • Control Panel (PDF)
    • Enroll and Manage Users in the course (PDF - Updated 2015)
    • Grade Center Create Columns (Website)
    • Grade Center Manage Columns (PDF)
    • Download the Grade Center (PDF)
    • Export and Archive a Course (PDF)
    • Print Discussion Boards (PDF)

    Helpsheets for Students 

    • How To Submit Assignments (PDF)
    • Test Taking Tips for Students (PDF)
    • Viewing Feedback in My Grades (PDF)




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  • FAQs
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    2. How can I reuse an existing course I built in Blackboard?Move Down to Question
    3. How to schedule Blackboard Training? Move Down to Question
    4. What about cross-listed courses or multiple sections of a course?Move Down to Question
    5. What should I do if I do not see my course in Blackboard?Move Down to Question
    6. What if a student does not have access to my Blackboard course?Move Down to Question 
    7. Why would I need to Archive my course?Move Down to Question
    8. What if someone is unable to see the course menu?Move Down to Question

     1. How to request a course in Blackboard?  

    Each semester email Theresa Wilson,,with the following information for each course.


    Information for completing a Blackboard request:

    Instructor(s):Include the principle instructor and ALL co-instructors.

    Username(s):Include the SFU username for all who are to have access.
    Course ID: Include course code andnumber with section letter(s). (Include all sections and cross-listings, ifany)
    Course Title: The name for thecourse as listed in the catalog and/or schedule without abbreviations.

    CourseFormat: Indicate F2F (Face-to-face), HY(Hybrid), FO (Fully Online).  Also, if taught in an accelerated format,indicate months offered.  (Ex: Aug-Oct or Oct-Dec)
    Course Status: New or to be copiedfrom a previous version. If copied, which specific occurrence of the courseshould be used and from which semester?


    Modelof Completed Blackboard Request:

    Instructor(s):Ms. Theresa L. Wilson
    Username(s): tlwfa1
    Course ID: MBA 496 A and B
    Course Title: Computer Applicationsfor Managers

    CourseFormat: FO (Fully Online) Oct-Dec
    Course Status: Copy from FA 2012Version


    2. How can I reuse an existing course I built in Blackboard?

     After your course has been copied in Blackboard for the new semester, there is a series of preparatory steps to be taken by the instructor to get the course ready for the upcoming semester. Here is a checklist of steps to be taken:
         -Delete Old Announcements
         -Delete Discussion Board Posts from previous students
         -Clean Out Course Files
         -Review Course Content
         -Test links and media
         -Set Grade Center Due Dates
         -Synchronize Safe Assignments
         -Organize the Grade Center
         -Reset Blackboard Collaborate links
         -Review the course using Student preview


    View Course Clean Up Checklist


    3. How to schedule Blackboard Training?  

    First view the Workshop & Events schedule.  We offer Blackboard training throughout the school year and summer. If  you cannot find a Blackboard workshop that fits your schedule, please contact the CETL to schedule an individual training.  


     4. What about cross-listed courses or multiple sections of a course? 

    When you request a course be created in Blackboard please be sure to specify if you want to house cross-listed and multiple sections of a course within the same Blackboard course.


     5. What should I do if I do not see my course in Blackboard? 

    The CETL processes Blackboard course requests on a first response first serve basis.  Please give us some time to process your request before you inquire about your course.  However, if your course is starting soon please do not hesitate to contact our office.


     6. What if a student does not have access to my Blackboard course? 

    If a students adds the course late or drops the course, the Instructor may have to add or remove users.  Locate the Control Panel in Blackboard.  Click Users and Groups, then click Users.  Click Find Users to Enroll.


     7. Why would I need to Archive my course? 

     If you intend to make intensive revisions to your course, and you wish to retain pristine copies of each course iteration for future comparison.

    You want to save user interactions, such as discussion boards, journals, …etc.

    You only teach your course every three or four years.

    You want to store a complete copy of your course on your own hard drive.

    You begin teaching at another institution and want to use the materials you developed on their Blackboard server.


    8.  What if someone is unable to see the course menu? 

    If you or a student are unable to see the course menu in Blackboard, first see if you are able to see if you have a collapse and expand arrow on the left side.  If the course menu is not expanding, next move your mouse to the very edge on the left side of the window.  Look for an arrow to show course menu.