Campus Health and Safety

  • The well-being of every individual in the Saint Francis University community is a top priority. We offer a variety of services and resources – from the Student Health Center to Counseling Services to a Campus Safety and University Police department dedicated to campus safety.


    814-472-3360 Saint Francis University Police Department
    or 911


    Campus Safety and Police

    SBDC Building


    The Campus Safety and University Police Department is committed to providing the University community with a safe environment.  University police officers patrol campus 24 hours each day of the year. Escort services are available to any member of the campus community who does not wish to walk alone,especially after dark.

    When to contact Campus Safety and Police:


    • Non-life threatening emergencies –such as personal injuries or accidents on campus
    • Criminal activity- including theft or property damage
    • Vehicle accidents or incidents
    • Travel concerns
    • Environmental health and safety concerns
    • Questions or concerns about behaviors or unethical activities.

    Saint Francis University has a certified safety committee.  Questions or suggestions about safety should be sent to


    SFU Rave Alert


    The Saint Francis University Rave Alert System is an emergency notification service available to all students, faculty, and staff.  The service sends text and email messages in the event of an emergency on campus.  All members of the campus community are encouraged to participate in this program.


    Student Health Center

    Ground floor, DiSepio Institute


    The Student Health Center primarily provides care and treatment for sudden, short term illness and injuries and is staffed by a part-time physician, registered nurses and a medical assistant. The Student Health Center works closely with the Counseling Center as well as the Center for Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, and Exercise Physiology departments to promote health and wellness on the campus of SFU. Most services are provided free of charge to students, however there may be charges for outside services or referrals. For faculty and staff, the Center offers seasonal flu vaccinations and additional services.  


    Counseling Services

    120 Francis Hall


    The Counseling Center offers all full-time SFU students the opportunity to talk privately about personal issues and concerns in a safe, confidential setting. Support and consultation are also available to faculty and staff who have concern about the psychological and emotional well-being of a student.  

    Information students share with counselors is held in strictest confidence, consistent with professional and ethical standards, as well as state and federal laws, and is not included in students’ academic records.  


    Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence


    Saint Francis University is dedicated to preventing and effectively responding to all forms of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual violence, dating and domestic violence, and stalking.  For more information or to share concerns or seek help, please contact the Title IX Coordinator or a Title IX team member. In an emergency please contact University Police at 814-472-3360 or 911.


    Safety and Ethics Reporting

    Saint Francis University provides an Ethics and Safety Hotline that all members of the university community should use to confidentially report suspected unethical activity related to financial matters, academic and student life, human relations, health and campus safety or research. 


    Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program


    In accordance with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989 and subsequent amendments, students and employees of University are informed that strictly enforced policies are in place which prohibits the unlawful possession, use or distribution of any illicit drugs, including alcohol, on University property or as part of any University sponsored activity. Free, confidential counseling for alcohol and other drug abuse issues is available to students through Counseling Services and the Student Health Center.Free, educational information on alcohol and other drug misuse is available for the university community through the Alcohol and Drug Education Center in 116 Padua Hall.  The complete Employee Drug and Alcohol Policy is available for download here.

    Contact University Police at 814-472-3360 with questions or concerns about the use of alcohol or drugs on campus or at University sponsored activities.


    Student Travel 


    Students traveling domestically or internationally on University sponsored trips is of top priority. To that end the University has established a Student Travel and Notification Procedure to improve communication and to increase student safety. All students, faculty, and staff traveling on University sponsored trips are expected to follow these guidelines. University sponsored travel is any trip organized and chaperoned by faculty or staff of the University that fulfills a curricular, co-curricular, or extra-curricular function.


    Related Offices 

    Ethics and Compliance
    Disability Services
    Human Resources