Campus Offices

  • Business Office - provides financial information to service the needs of students, staff and all university personnel. The Office collects all university revenue, prepares all student invoices and miscellaneous billings and is responsible for disbursing the university's payroll. 

    Campus Bookstore - access to bookstore merchandise, announcements and contact information.

    Campus Ministry - access to the Saint Francis University Campus Ministry web page, which contains information about up coming events, ministry programs, leadership opportunities, mass and confession schedules, programs, and more... 

    Campus Police & Safety - Crime Safety, Programming and Statistics, and helpful safety tips for visitors, students and staff.

    Career Services - facilitates the professional employment or graduate study for students and alumni to employers and institutions.

    Center for Academic Success - provides comprehensive academic support services for the SFU community.

    Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning - provides workshops and presentations, individualized consulting, and direct practical experience in applying technologies in teaching and learning and in the workplace.

     Community Development Week - Schedule of general meetings, workshops, and other events taking place during Faculty Development Week. 

    Counseling Center - provides supportive counseling for all full-time students, mental health information, programming and resources for the campus community.

    Dining Services - these pages contains information about our Dining Services facilities, meal plans and catering options. 

    Division of Finance and Administration - 

    Education Department - access to the Education Department page containing, information on clearances, handbooks and forms for Department majors, minors, and faculty. 

    Ethics and Compliance - Supports the University and the campus community in achieving its commitment to the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity. Contact for questions about policies and compliance relating to state and federal regulations, for assistance with compliance responsibilities and avoiding liability risks, and for requests for confirmation of insurance coverage.

    Exercise Physiology Program - program information, location, and student resources.

    General Education - access to general education forms and information.

    Grants and Foundations - The Office supports research, development, and institutional projects at SFU. Faculty and staff should contact this office before preparing and submitting grant proposals to all agencies, foundations, or corporations to determine guidelines as well as other requirements. 

    Human Resources -  the Office of Human Resources supports administration, faculty, and staff through a variety of programs and services. Talent acquisition and management, HR planning, employee relations, HR information systems, compensation, benefits, risk management, and professional development are just some of our areas of expertise.

    Information Technology Services - check for all your telephone and computer needs.

    Institutional Research and Effectiveness - to supply accurate, meaningful information in support of administrative and academic decision making.

    Mail Services

    Middle States Accreditation - This webpage contains the accreditation status of the institution which is the process of peer review that the educational community has adopted for its self-regulation intended to strengthen and sustain the quality and integrity of higher education.

    Physical Plant

    Physical Therapy

    Purchasing Department - Our services is to furnish information on prices, products, and procedures. We assign orders to vendors in a timely and courteous manner as well as maintain the status of open purchase orders and their expected delivery date(s).

    Study Abroad - Information for study and service abroad opportunities for the SFU community.