Career Planning for Freshman



    Familiarize yourself with the university resources and support systems.

    Get to know your professors, especially in your field of interest.

    Know what’s going on – on-campus: Read fliers,SFU email, OrgSync, Social Media, and the online Troubadour newspaper.

    Join an organization to begin your professional development.

    Schedule an appointment with Career Services to talk about your major & what you can do with it.

    Attend Career Fairs and other related career events/workshops.

    Begin to develop your resume. Get samples and assistance from Career Services.

     Think about applying for positions on campus (work study, tutor, volunteer, etc.

    Set-up a LinkedIn profile to start developing your professional online presence.

    Set privacy settings on your other social media accounts.

    Activate your College Central Network account.College Central is a major job/internship searching site that can help students find full-time and part-time jobs, summer jobs, or internships.

    If unsure about your major, schedule an appointment with Career Services and take a career test. Meet with a trained career counselor.

    Towards the end of your Freshman year, start thinking about internship positions for the summer and/or for the fall semester of your sophomore year. Students should complete at least one internship during their collegiate career.

    Remember: if you don’t know, ask! If you’re concerned or overwhelmed, seek assistance!


    Career Services Office,Saint Francis University

    Library 2nd Floor, Suite 211,814-472-3019,