Career Planning for Sophomores

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    Career Checklist for Success for Sophomores 

    Check List Exploration, Extracurricular...  

    • Make the grades!
    • Begin to focus on a particular major. 
    • Continue gathering career information about your field of interest.  Career Services has lots of information. 
    • Visit Career Services so we can get to know you!. 
    • Interact with peers, faculty and administrators. 
    • Get involved on campus (clubs, organizations, special projects, volunteering) 
    • Attend Career Events and Fairs on- and off-campus. 
    • Develop and set personal and career goals
    • Connect with upper-class students in your field to learn about their job and internship experiences.  
    • Start planning for an internship for your junior year or secure summer-related employment the summer prior to your junior year.  
    • Begin to develop your resume.  Ask the Career Services Office for samples and assistance. 
    • Read "What Color is Your Parachute, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal or Tuesdays with Maurie." 
    • Maintain a good online presence through Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter,etc
    • Look into graduate school preparation (if applicable). 
    • Remember: if you have concerns, problems, seek help! 

    Good luck!  
    Office: Library 2nd Floor, Suite 211 
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4 p.m., evenings by appointment 
    Phone: 814-472-3019
    Julie Barris,, career services director 
    Beth McGregor,, associate director
    Amy Tercek,, associate director 

    Kelsey Livoti,, graduate assistant

    Melissa Stasik,, student career coordinator