Community Enrichment Series Application


    Application for Community Enrichment Series Status

    Only CES proposals electronically signed and submitted by Saint Francis University faculty or staff will be approved. Please be aware that events should be submitted for approval more than two weeks before they are scheduled. Faculty or staff who submit proposals within the two-week window should be aware that the event may not be widely advertised in materials issued by the Office of General Education.

    Name of your CES event:  

    Please provide a brief description of this event. This description will be used by the Office of General Education to advertise your event, so please make sure that the description is accurate and fairly short.


    Day of the event (Mon, Tues, Wed, etc.): Date of the event (please use "month/day/year" format):  


    Time the event begins   (please use "hr:mn" format; unless specified, we will assume time is PM)   End Time   

    Location of the event:  

    Your name: Your e-mail address:

    I have contacted Lori Schrift (x3005 or to put this event on the University's Master Calendar.
    Your event will not be approved for CES until you have contact Lori to put it on the Master Calendar!!!

    Please also provide the following information, which will help the Office of General Education keep track of the various CES events and their role in the first year experience of our students.

    Please check all the boxes that apply:

    This program addresses one of the academic disciplines incorporated in the General Education Program

    This program includes content that addresses diversity and global awareness

    This program provokes students to confront challenging ideas about society and culture.

    This program is oriented to the spiritual and emotional development of the students.

    This program involves a significant amount of active learning (discussion, group interaction, etc.)

    This program helps students develop the academic and professional skills and knowledge that are appropriate for first year students.

    General Education Objectives addressed by the event: (check all that apply [n.b. the full statements of the objectives can be found here])


    Goal 1: Understand moral and ethical questions

    Goal 2: Demonstrate an understanding of and appreciation for cultural diversity

    Goal 3: Build the foundations for commitment to lifelong learning, personal well-being, and communityservice

    Goal 4: Develop effective communication skills

    Goal 5: Demonstrate proficiency in quantitative literacy and scientific reasoning

    Goal 6: Develop critical and creative skills, abilities, and reasoning

    Goal 7:  Conduct research using discipline-appropriate materials and methods.

     Goal 8:  Understand the demands of active citizenship
    Of the above goals, which is the primary general education objective:   




    As the sponsor of this CES event, I certify that the proposed event advances the goals of the General Education Program at Saint Francis University. CES SPONSORS **MUST** BE MEMBERS OF SAINT FRANCIS FACULTY, STAFF, OR ADMINISTRATION; see instructions at the top of the form.

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