Clearance and Consultation

  • You must receive authorization for your proposal from your respective department chairs and the vice president for academic affairs. In addition, the department chairs and the vice president for academic affairs should be involved in the development of the proposal’s budget. Depending on the project, these considerations may include the need for matching funds, space for equipment/personnel, renovation costs, indirect costs, and leaves of absence.

    You should also consult with the director of grants and foundations (DGF). Although you know your project best, grant-seeking is a collaborative effort and the sharing of information and ideas can only increase your chances of success. Talking to your colleagues, your department chair, or others in your professional network about your idea can only help your project’s chances of success.

    A short written description of the project provided to the DGF prior to the initial meeting, along with a draft budget and schedule, will be helpful in identifying potential grantors and/or further developing the project. The assistance provided by the DGF can take many forms, and may include:

    Providing general information about the grant-seeking process and helping to identify and contact the funding sources;

    Acting as a liaison with other offices on campus;

    Facilitating discussions about the project concept and project implementation;

    Providing technical assistance in the writing of a proposal: and

    Determining any potential conflicts which may exist with other University initiatives. (The office of advancement focuses on initiatives that are priorities for the University. These projects are developed in coordination with the president’s office, the office of academic affairs, and department chairs based on the University’s short and long-term strategic goals.)

    The SFU Proposal Review Form must be completed prior to grant submission. This form must be signed by the administration and department chairs, especially for government grants and other proposals requiring matching funds by the University. 

    Proposal Review Form PDF