Community Enrichment Series Policy

  • The Community Enrichment Series is part of the First Year Program for students at Saint Francis University. Students fulfill this requirement by registering for CORE 103 in the fall semester and CORE 104 in the spring semester. Students may not take both CORE 103/104 in the same semester.

    Both CORE 103 and CORE 104 require attendance at six CES events. Students must attend six events in the fall and six events must be attended in the spring. Any events fewer than six attended during a semester will not carry over to subsequent semesters.

    Students receive a passing grade for each section of CORE 103/104 through documented attendance at six different events listed in a semester’s on-line Community Enrichment Series calendar. Students must obtain a CES slip before an event, attend the entire event, and hand in the slip to the CES attendance person at the end of the event (or document their attendance at a CES via whatever method is in use at the event). Students are not allowed to turn in attendance slips directly to the General Education Office. Only attendance documented at the event itself will count towards CES credit.

    Once students have completed their CES requirement for a given semester, they will receive a letter from the General Education Office indicating they have fulfilled their attendance requirement.

    Policies for transfer students

    • Students transferring in fewer than 14 credits of college-level course-work are required to complete two semesters of CES.
    • Students transferring in between 14 and 27 credits of college-level course-work, excluding AP and CLEP credits, are required to complete one semester of CES.
    • Students transferring in 28 or more credits of college-level course-work, excluding AP and CLEP credits, are exempt from the CES requirement.