Compliance Partners

  • Partnering Statement

    The Ethics and Compliance Office embraces the importance of insight and collaborative efforts between all members of the Saint Francis Community. These partnerships are structured to draw on the strengths of each department in the identification and achievement of mutual goals and encourage ethical conduct and commitment to compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.


    The role of the Ethics and Compliance Office is to serve as a resource for all Cognizant Policy Officers, Compliance Partners, and other University constituents engaged in compliance activities in order to provide coordination and documentation of institutional compliance efforts. Cognizant policy officers are members of the President's Council with overall operational responsibility for designated compliance areas. Compliance partners are University administrators responsible for the day-to-day functional obligations relevant to an assigned compliance area and for coordinating compliance activities with the Office of Ethics & Compliance. 

    The University’s Matrix Compliance Program operates according to a “matrix structure” which involves a decentralized matrix of offices and administrators responsible for specific legal/regulatory compliance areas, coordinated and supported by the Office of Ethics & Compliance.

    SFU Compliance Partners/Committee:

    VP of Finance and Administration & Title IX Coordinator – Jeffrey Savino
    Associate Provost - Pete Skoner
    Chief Information Officer – George Pyo
    Registrar – Steve Rombouts
    Controller - Tom Fritz
    Director of Campus Safety & Police – Chris Lytle
    Director of Human Resources – Marian Bender
    Associate Dean of Students – Lynne Banks
    Director of Residence Life – Don Miles
    Director of Financial Aid - Shane Himes

    Additional partners:

    Coordinator of Academic Compliance – Janet Long
    Accessibility Services Coordinator & Act 101 – April Fry
    Director of International Student Programs – Sam Heikenen
    Director of Upward Bound - Anne Heinzeroth
    Deputy Director of Athletics/SWA - Erika Renwick
    Assistant Director of Athletic Compliance - Kevin Cavooris
    Director of Physical Plant - Douglas Eppley
    Director of Admissions – Brett Haselrig
    Asst VP for Govt Relations, Grants & Foundations - Rob Young