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     120 Francis Hall  ~  814-472-3211

     The SFU Counseling Center does not maintain 24 hour access to email correspondence and cannot guarantee that email will be read in evenings and weekends. If you have an emergency, please contact a mental health crisis counselor (24-hour on-call status) at 1-877-268.9463 or call 911.


    Monday - Friday   ~    8:00 AM - 4:00 PM   ~    Evening Hours by Appointment



    If you or someone you know is in a CRISIS situation… 

      CAMPUS EMERGENCIES.  Call Campus Police at 814-472-3360

    OFF CAMPUS EMERGENCIES. CALL 911 to access local police responders.  

    Cambria County Crisis:  



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    About Our Services   

    The Counseling Center offers all full-time SFU students the opportunity to talk privately about personal issues and concerns in a safe, confidential setting. Support and consultation are also available to faculty and staff who have concern about the psychological and emotional well-being of a student.  

    Information students share with counselors is held in strictest confidence, consistent with professional and ethical standards, as well as state and federal laws, and is not included in students’ academic records.  

    All counseling services are free of charge to all full-time SFU students.   

    To make an appointment, students should call the Counseling Center at 814-472-3211 or visit the office at 120 Francis Hall during regular office hours. 

  • When To Seek Counseling

    • Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, tense, or worried
    • Feeling moody, irritable, depressed, or hopeless
    • Trouble coping with the break-up of a romantic relationship
    • Difficulties with friends or roommate(s)
    • Worrying about a family problem
    • Experiencing problems with alcohol or drug use
    • Sleep disturbance
    • Eating disorders
    • Having trouble adjusting to college
    • Worrying about life after graduation
    • Trouble coping with a traumatic event
    • Having thoughts of death or suicide
    • Concerned about a friend with a mental health issue

    Community Resources for Gender Based Violence (Sexual & Physical)

    • Victim Services provides confidential, free services for victims of sexual assault and violent crime in Cambria & Somerset Counties. Phone 1-800-755-1983.
    • PCAR (PA Coalition Against Rape) -  PCAR provides quality services to victims/survivors of sexual violence and the significant other. Toll Free Hotline: 1-888-772-7227.  
    • Women's Help Center provides victims with options, resources, educative and supportive services, empowerment counseling and emergency shelter. Phone: 814-536-5361. 
    • Title IX Help Center 
    • Student Health Center
    • SFU University Police  webpage includes contact information for on and off-campus resources.                                                                                                                                                                   

    Resources for Anxiety/Depression

    • Self Injury- a non profit outreach providing information and resources about self injury to those who self injure, those who have recovered, and those who want to help. 
    • Anxiety Disorders Association of America - Anxiety disorders are real, serious, and treatable. This site can assist with understanding anxiety, finding help, and living with anxiety.
    • Looking for help with relaxation or having trouble sleeping? Go to Sleep Scripts for words you can print out and read to yourself to help with focusing. This site also has some free guided imagery to help with relaxation.

     Resources for Mental Health

    • Best Colleges-Guide for college students, finances, lifestyle, health.  
    • Strength of Us-Online community developed by Nami and young adults impacted by mental health. 
    •  Ulifeline - Learn more about protecting your emotional health and what to do if you or a friend is struggling with mental health issues.
    • - Here at Half of, you can find help, feel better, check yourself and help a friend. This site is helpful for those who want to take control of their mental health. 
    • Health Place - This website provides general information on mental health.

    Resources for Suicide Prevention

    • International Association for Suicide Prevention- Information and resources on suicide and mental health issue, Provides listing of international crisis centers.  
    • Suicide Prevention Lifeline - For suicide prevention information.
    • Veterans, call—1-800-273-TALK (8255)
    • The Forever Decision —For someone thinking of suicide. The Forever Decision by Paul G. Quinnett (An online book for those who are thinking about suicide.)
    • Suicide & Depression: (Active Minds on Campus—Fact sheets on mental illness);  JED The Jed Foundation—Youth & college-age facts about suicide and depression.—Half of Us—Learn more about Anxiety, Depression & Suicide.
    • American Association of Suicidology - A family member or friend of someone who completed suicide may benefit from this SOS handbook from Survivors of Suicide.

     Resources for Grief

    •  Grief Support.  A helpful website for college students dealing with grief.

    Veterans Resources

    Military One Source                                                  
    Defense & Veterans Brain Injury Center
    Veterans Crisis Line  ~  1-800-273-8255,  Press 1
     Adam Bolton- Veteran & Military Affairs Coordinator-
    Guide to understanding ROTC Programs.  The college guide for service members and veterans. 
    (814) 472-3113
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    Meet our staff


    David P. Wilson

    Counseling Center Staff

    M.A., C.A.A.D.C., L.P.C.


    Susan M. Obarsky

    M.A., M.S.W., L.S.W.


    Carrie Vinglish

    Administrative Assistant