Employee Computer Life Cycle Management Program

  • The Information Technology Services department will implement a new Computer Lifecycle Management program. The process will replace the PRIMARY laptop or desktop computer. The process will utilize a regular refresh cycle that will provide newer equipment. The program will utilize laptop computers from the student laptop program. 

    The refresh program will provide a consistent hardware platform, utilize a consistent way of managing computer assets and provide a more secure computing environment.

    The determination of replacing computers is the responsibility of the Information Technology Services department. The department will utilize a computer inventory program that will provide a weekly report containing a list of computers to be replaced.

    The replacement program covers the PRIMARY computer assigned to an employee. A laptop computer will be provided as a replacement for the current PRIMARY computer at no cost to the department. Additional computers for special projects, a second computer for an individual, or other needs may not be included in the program and the standard fee of $350.00 will be applied for per additional laptop computer. 

    The costs for additional peripheral equipment such as an external monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. will be covered by the employee’s departmental budget.

    As mentioned above the program will utilize laptop computers from the student laptop program. If a desktop computer system is required, that cost will be funded by the employee’s departmental budget. 

    As part of the process, the replaced/old equipment will be collected by the Information Technology Service staff. 


    Who is affected by this change?
     All university employees.

    Why can’t I have two computers?
    The additional computing resources require extra time and expense to maintain. Having two computers is equivalent to doubling university employees without doubling ITS resources.

    I fix my own computers. Can I keep them? 
    No. The university pays for site license software and multiple computers per person are not covered by all agreements. Also, user maintained computers tend to increase security risks for the entire university. 

    My department paid for this computer, you can’t take it.
    The computer is still a university asset and recovery of that asset is important. Any computer that is taken is replaced with a better model. There shouldn’t be an instance where an older computer is desirable. 

    I can’t use a laptop.
    The screen is too small. Departments may purchase LCD/LED screens and keyboards for individuals that can’t use a laptop. The laptop computer is equal in all ways to a desktop in performance. Storage should not a factor because important information should be stored on the network.

    Can I buy the laptop and then use it as a BYOD device?  
    Yes. You may purchase a used laptop during designated time periods. ITS is not permitted to load certain software products on a personal device. ITS would also reserve the right to limit or curtail network access for a BYOD device if that device was shown to adversely affect the network and/or other computing devices.