General Education

  • General Education: Ethical Citizenship for the 21st Century

    Mission Statement

    The General Education program, as an integral component in the achievement of the Mission of Saint Francis University, provides a means for the University to honor many of its most important commitments. Ever mindful of the rapidly changing world around us and the need for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary inquiry to address complex problems, the General Education program is dedicated to providing students with the values, skills, and knowledge necessary to meet future challenges. True to the liberal arts roots and Franciscan heritage of the University, the program encourages students to examine ethical issues, demonstrate global awareness, become actively involved in community service, and prepare for life-long learning of new skills and knowledge. The General Education program contributes to the development of the whole person, allowing individuals to achieve more rewarding and purposeful lives. 

    Approved 05/22/06

    Program Description   

    General Education encompasses the learning Saint Francis University wants for its students generally, regardless of academic major or professional ambition. At Saint Francis University, general education is a multi-year program that weaves together core curriculum courses plus other program components including first-year experiences such as the Summer Orientation and Academic Registration (SOAR) program, a summer reading program, the First-Year Seminar, and the First-Year Cornerstone Franciscan Course, co-curricular offerings such as the college-wide Community Enrichment Series (CES), other curricular requirements such as the Wellness Sequence (CORE 211 - CORE 212) and the Writing Competency Examination, an upper-level Keystone Seminar, and options such as the General Education Thematic Minors (GETM's) to create a connected, coherent academic experience that provides a foundation for life-long learning.

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