Graduating Students


    Graduating Students Checklist 
    The Final Year!!!


    Focus, Implementation, Follow-Through 

    Career Blueprint Checklist: 


    • Make the grades! 
    •  Complete course requirements in your major.  
    •  Check with your faculty advisor to be sure you've met all requirements
    • Contact Career Services Office to review your resume and to discuss job search strategies. 
    • Update your resume and your Linkedin profile by the FALL!
    •  Maintain a positive, active online presence and network with recruiters and employers in your field. Utilize to continue to build your professional network. 
    • Purchase an interview suite and appropriate shoes. 
    •  Attend career events and workshops on campus. 
    •  Be sure to place your resume on College Central,  and to connect you with Career Services. Check out the area and out of state Job Postings on the Saint Francis University's College Central Network and other online sites
    • Utilize CareerShift at
    • Plan and develop your job search goals early.  Use a variety of job search strategies. Follow through! 
    • Set up a profile on and develop your professional network.
    • Attend on and off campus job fairs. 
    • Schedule a mock interview with Career Services! 
    • Apply to graduate school early! 
    • Follow through with your interviews by sending thank you letters and letters of further interest! 
    • Be patient, persistent, optimistic, and organized!!
    • Remember -- you can utilize Career Services after you graduate!