Meet Our Tutors

  • Our tutors represent a wide range of disciplines and majors, including Nursing, Marketing, Environmental Engineering, Political Science, and English Literature. They are trained to assist students with any part of the writing process, from prewriting and thesis formulation to idea development, source integration, documentation, and global and sentence-level revisions.      

    Current Staff

    Anna Baughman: Anna Baughman is a first-year English Literature major.

    Shelby Bowen: Shelby Bowen is a second-year Strategic Communications major.

    Kathryn Buonantony: Kathryn Buonantony is a third-year English Literature major and Honors student.

    Lisa Casale: Lisa Casale is a third-year Occupational Therapy major and Honors student. 

    Precious Creek: Precious Creek is a sophomore with a double-major in Digital Media and Strategic Communications.

    Arielle Danan: Arielle Danan is a fourth-year Psychology major.

    Jasmine Green: Jasmine Green is a third-year Physical Therapy major.

    Jordan Gorsuch: Jordan Gorsuch is a senior English Literature major.   

    Molly Fischer: Molly Fischer is a first-year English Secondary Education major and Honors student.

    Tara Fritz: Tara Fritz is a third-year English Literature major and Honors student.

    Emily Heckman: Emily Heckman is a fourth-year Physician Assistant major.  

    Jodi Kutzner: Jodi Kutzner is a second-year Physician Assistant student.

    Rachel LeViseur: Rachel LeViseur is a junior Physician Assistant major.

    Kimberly Marangoni: Kim Marangoni is a senior Honors student and Physician Assistant major. 

    Dallas Mosier: Dallas Mosier is a senior Honors student with a double-major in Chemistry and Criminal Justice. 

    Allison Nedrow: Allison Nedrow is a third-year Aquarium and Zoo Science student.

    Harry Olafsen: Harry Olafsen is a second-year History major.

    Gordon Phipps: Gordon is a third-year Honors student and English Literature major.  

    Dency Samuel: Dency Samuel is a fourth-year Physician Assistant major. 

    Mikell Schlumpf: Mikell Schlumpf is a senior Physician Assistant major. 

    Katie Sheperd: Katie Sheperd is a fourth-year Zoo and Aquarium Science major with a minor in English Literature. She has lived in several countries around the world, including England, Cameroon, Eritrea and Kenya. She loves animals and hopes to return to Kenya some day and work at a safari park. 

    Logan Stern: Logan Stern is a senior Chemistry major and Honors student. 

    April Taylor: April Taylor is a third-year Honors student majoring in Early Childhood Education. 

    Anna Tomosky: Anna Tomosky is a third-year Physician Assistant major. 

    Brennan M. Thomas (Writing Center Director):Dr. Thomas is a full-time faculty member of the Literature and Languages Department at Saint Francis University. An Ohio native,she also lived and taught in southwest Georgia for four years before moving to Pennsylvania. Dr. Thomas has directed the Writing Center since August of 2010 and teaches courses in writing, writing pedagogy, and the films of Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. 

    Former Tutors

    Marni Baluta, Scott Brandenberger, Hannah Brooks, Lauren Capozzi, Taylor Darneille, Samantha Dilling, Danielle Falo,Wade Flickinger, Trent Forshey, Drew Greenwald, Eric Horell, Makena Humenay, Kylie Jackson, Cecelia MacDonald, Gina Maggio, Kellie Mason, Gabrielle McDermott, Ashley Neptune, Dennis Ryan,Allison Smith, Meghan Studds, Jared Synan, Sarah Taylor, Nick Tedeschi, Lauren Vennefron, Christi Villareale, Jennifer Wilde,Charles Williamson, & Amanda Young