Mentoring Network

  • Mentoring Network 

    SFU Students: Connect with SFU Alumni in a variety of fields, majors & geographic locations for guidance and information about CAREERS! 

    SFU Alumni: Volunteer to be part of our mentoring network and make a difference in the lives of our Saint Francis students

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     Asa member of College Central you have access to the SFU Alumni Mentoring Network!  

    Connect with SFU alumni in various fields, majors and geographic locations for guidance and information about your future career.  Explore careers, set up shadowing, ask for advice/leads, etc.


    To access the Mentoring Network, log on to College Central and click “Career Mentoring Network.” 

    Alumni are waiting to help YOU!




    • Go to  Click on the Alumni icon, then Mentoring Network. 
    • Click on the link for "add my mentoring profile" and complete the form.  Choose any Access ID and Password for your return visits.