Network Services

  • Mission Statement:

    Network Services will ensure a reliable, secure and efficient network environment for the University community. 


    Services Provided:



    Design, installation, management, and expansion of all electronic networking devices (hubs, wireless devices, switches, routers, firewall, bandwidth shaping). 

    • Design, maintain, and document cable plant and termination facilities. 

    • Monitor, manage, and troubleshoot internal network and Internet connectivity. 

    • Upgrade hardware and software on all networking devices. 

    • Establish and monitor security for all network devices. 

    • Establish standards and policies for responsible and appropriate use of network resources. 

    • Manage DNS and DHCP configuration for the campus network. 

    • Provide network connectivity assistance for end-user devices. 



    Design, installation, management, and replacement of server hardware and operating systems. This includes installation and upgrades of hardware, operating systems, databases, and server applications. 

    • Monitor vendor and security organization bulletins for any known security vulnerabilities and bug fixes. 

    • Routinely apply server operating system service packs, database updates, application updates, and security patches. 

    • User Account management. 

    • Maintain central file storage and print servers for faculty, staff, and students. 

    • Provide backup and restore services. 

    • Establish and monitor user and file system security. 

    • Monitor servers, operating systems, databases, and applications to minimize failures or degraded performance. 


    • Research industry trends for future growth in new technologies. 

    • Utilize technical resources to troubleshoot day-to-day problems and issues. 

    • Collaborate with technical experts on various projects and initiatives. 

    • Provide consulting support for campus departments and other ITS teams. 

    • Maintain notification systems for planned and unplanned outages. 

    • Maintain updated policies, documentation, and logs for all equipment and services. 

    • Administer and maintain security, power needs, and environmental conditions in ITS facilities. 

    • Investigate and respond to any complaints regarding network or server abuse. 

    • Provide second level support for advanced network/server issues and printing issues. 

    • Recruit, hire, train, and supervise student interns.