Our Writing Philosophy

  • The following statements were contributed by members of the 2010-2011 Writing Center staff during several spring re-training sessions. These statements represent the tutors' views on writing and their roles in helping students become stronger and more confident writers. (Note: Some words or phrases have been altered or removed for purposes of clarity and conciseness. Otherwise, however, the original phrasing has been retained.) 

    What do we believe about writing?

    • Everyone is capable of writing. ~Amanda Young 
    • Individuals possess their own writing styles. ~Dennis Ryan 
    • Writing is a way to express oneself, like dance or music, and yet present information to those looking for it. ~Jared Synan 
    • Writing is all about oneself. ~Marni Baluta 
    • Good writing connects with readers. ~Hannah Brooks 
    • Good writing interests readers. ~Ashley Neptune 
    • Writing is meant to be understood by a larger audience. ~Gina Maggio 
    • Every job involves some form of writing. ~Marni Baluta 
    • All people must possess basic skills necessary for effective communication. ~Wade Flickinger 
    • It is essential that all people be effective writers and it is our job to help everyone reach that goal. ~Drew Greenwald

    What do we believe about our roles as tutors?

    • We want to help students see writing as a not-so scary process. ~Amanda Young 
    • Our Center is available to all students who seek to improve their writing. ~Drew Greenwald 
    • We work to make sure students learn how to fix their common errors so that they can better express themselves. ~Wade Flickinger 
    • We give students not only advice and encouragement but also confidence in themselves. ~Dennis Ryan 
    • The Writing Center enables the student to seek out a second opinion on his or her paper. ~Ashley Neptune 
    • We should help the student identify the purpose of his or her paper. ~Gina Maggio 
    • I do not interfere with the author’s message. I clarify it. ~Jared Synan 
    • The Writing Center is a place where students can go for help without feeling judged. ~Sarah Taylor 
    • We help students grow into original and successful writers. ~Hannah Brooks 
    • The Writing Center’s goal for helping SFU students should be to improve students’ writing competency and uphold the motto of our university: “Reach higher, go far.” ~Wade Flickinger