Program Outcomes and Objectives

  • As approved by the SFU Faculty Senate, May 2017


    GOAL 1: Understand moral and ethical questions.

    Objective 1a: Identify, examine and defend a solution to an ethical dilemma. 

    Objective 1b: Examine how Franciscanism addresses moral and ethical questions.

    GOAL 2: Demonstrate an understanding of and appreciation for cultural diversity. 

    Objective 2a: Explore and articulate multiple perspectives on race, ethnicity, social class, gender, ability, sexual orientation, national origin, verbal behavior, age, and religion. 

    Objective 2b: Examine and explain the ethical and societal implications of specific diversity perspectives.

    GOAL 3: Build the foundations for commitment to lifelong learning, personal well-being, and community service. 

    Objective 3a: Foster curiosity, skepticism, initiative, and desire for deeper learning.

    Objective 3b: Develop a commitment to personal wellness. 

    Objective 3c: Share skills and abilities for the betterment of the community.

    GOAL 4: Develop effective communication skills. 

    Objective 4a: State, develop, and support a clear thesis in a communication context. 

    Objective 4b: Adapt language, communication style, and media for an intended audience and purpose.

    GOAL 5: Demonstrate proficiency in quantitative literacy and scientific reasoning. 

    Objective 5a: Interpret and communicate mathematical and statistical arguments. 

    Objective 5b: Solve mathematical and statistical problems applicable to civic and professional contexts. 

    Objective 5c: Understand and apply major scientific methods, theories, and principles.

    GOAL 6: Develop critical and creative skills, abilities, and reasoning.

    Objective 6a: Analyze evidence, statements, and alternative interpretations and use these to synthesize multiple points of view in the creation of an argument. 

    Objective 6b: Critically evaluate sources and source information using discipline-related standards in order to distinguish relevant from irrelevant information. 

    Objective 6c: Demonstrate an understanding of at least one form of artistic expression.

    GOAL 7: Conduct research using discipline-appropriate materials and methods.

    Objective 7a: Articulate specific research questions. 

    Objective 7b: Identify and access information necessary to answer research questions.

    Objective 7c: Communicate research results in an effective and ethical manner.

    GOAL 8: Understand the demands of active citizenship.

    Objective 8a: Identify relevant theories and solutions to contemporary domestic and international social, economic, and political issues. 

    Objective 8b: Work collaboratively with others to promote social justice, being aware of the roles played by power, privilege, and subordination. 

    Objective 8c: Evaluate the significance of historical events and documents within the United States and worldwide.