Raise a Concern

  • Raise a Concern about Unethical Behavior or Misconduct

    As a Franciscan institution, we are committed to our mission and adherence to ethical conduct within the campus community and with those we conduct business with. Members of the campus community are encouraged to bring any concerns to a University administrator as specified in our student and employee handbooks. However, if you have concerns about discussing matters with a University administrator you are invited to report via the Ethics Point Reporting System.

    While not superseding our current policies and procedures, a hotline/helpline provides the campus community with additional methods to raise concerns about potential violations of law, University policy and/or possible unethical or inappropriate behavior within our community. Complaints may be filed by phone or through the website, and, if preferred, may be made anonymously. 

    Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct or Retaliation

    Saint Francis University is committed to providing a variety of welcoming and accessible ways for community members to voice concerns about and report instances of alleged discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct or retaliation. Reporting an issue is the best way for the community to help employees and students receive the resources, support, and accommodations available at Saint Francis. Not only does reporting help you, communication about issues related to discrimination and harassment can help prevent sexual misconduct and sexual violence. The information community members report can illuminate patterns of behavior, immediate threats to the safety of the community, and systemic issues.
    If you would like to make a report, contact one of the following on-campus reporting options:

    Title IX Coordinator
    Title IX Team