Risk and Insurance Program

  • Risk & Insurance Program

    The University maintains a risk and insurance program which includes coverage such as general and professional liability, property, and automobile coverage lines. The University also maintains a worker’s compensation program.

    Claims Reporting

    Saint Francis University employees are responsible for reporting incidents of negligence resulting in injury or property damage to University Police at ext. 3360. This includes injuries to visitors or students while on campus, damage to university owned or rented vehicles, and/or property. University Police will assist at the scene of the incident, conduct an investigation, and notify the Associate Vice President and Title IX Coordinator, who will initiate a claim with the University’s insurer.

    Types of Claims

    • Professional Liability (medical malpractice)
    • General liability 
    • Auto liability 
    • Employment practices liability 
    • Human subjects 
    • Any other liability claims – equipment and property

    Note: claims for work related injuries/worker’s compensation are to be submitted to the Human Resources Office.


    Obtain Proof of Insurance

    The Saint Francis University insurance program provides protection from liability claims arising from the negligent acts or omissions of the University and its employees and students. Confirmation of coverage is available through the Title IX Coordinator, VP for Finance and Administration. To request a certificate of insurance for:

    • Individual professional liability (individual provider or employee), or
    • Program liability (students in a specific school or program), or
    • General liability (events, conferences, retreats, or activities)

    Email a request to Jeff Savino with the following information:

    1.  Person, Program, or Activity Name.
    2.  Why you are requesting the certificate.

    Where to send the certificate (email is preferred).


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